Lo CSR coordina e promuove l’esplorazione spaziale in Svizzera. Inoltre mantiene i contatti con organizzazioni internazionali. Il CSR presenta ogni due anni in modo dettagliato un rapporto sulle attività dell’esplorazione spaziale in Svizzera.di più

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Spatium - topics from space research

ISSI's Spatium magazine contains easy-to-understand summaries on a wide variety of space science topics. ISSI is the "International Space Science Institute" based in Bern.

Spatium Magazin
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Gravitational waves, extrasolar planets or why the number 4440 plays a central role in astronomy - the magazine "Spatium" covers all these and many other topics related to space research in an attractive way for interested laymen and laywomen. They are summaries of lectures given by Pro ISSI, the association that takes care of ISSI's public relations. ISSI promotes international coordination and cooperation in space research.

Spatium is published twice a year and is available in PDF or print.

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