The CSR coordinates and stimulates space research in Switzerland. It maintains contact with international organisations. It produces a report every two years on space science activities in Switzerland.more

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Prof. Dr Stéphane Paltani


Prof. Dr Louise Harra


Dr. Roland Walter


PD Dr. Marcel Egli

Prof. Dr Volker Gass

Prof. Dr Louise Harra

Dr. Samuel Krucker

Dr. Axel Murk

Prof. Dr. Stéphane Paltani

Prof. Dr. Sascha Quanz

Prof. Dr. Markus Rothacher

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schildknecht

Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Kneib

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Thomas

Dr. Roland Walter

Prof. Dr Xin Wu

Prof. Dr. Peter Wurz

Ex Officio and advisors

Dr. Natália Archinard

Dr. Peter Guggenbach

PD Dr. Klemens Hocke

Dr. Pascal Fischer

Ms Valerie Koller

Dr Oliver Botta

Prof. Dr. Xin Wu

Web Administration

Dr. Timm-Emanuel Riesen
Jonas Frey


Swiss Committee on Space Research (CSR)
c/o Prof. Dr Stéphane Paltani
University of Geneva
Department of Astronomy
Chemin d'Ecogia 16
1290 Versoix